Social Services for Grassroots Community Development Inc.


Brief Institutional Profile

SSGRCD was formed in response to the pressing need of numerous stakeholders and non-government organizations in striking effective partnerships in the field of social development intervention endemic to the southern Philippines fora.

As an institution of individuals, Social Services for Grassroots Community Development adheres to the principles of transparency, accountability, responsible stewardship of human and material resources, professionalism, work ethics, independence of works and initiatives in development undertakings.

SSGRCD is composed of Maguindanaon Muslim women who bonded together due to their special interest in humanitarian and development endeavor. All its members are professionals in different line of disciplines with various capacities and specializations. Majority of the members of the Board are teachers by profession which made them focus more on offering free basic education.

The 4 lines represent the different sectors in the society: the first 2 layers below comprising the poor, the third layer, the middle class and the top are the few elite. The acronym SSGRCD signifies development interventions with active participation of all the sectors in the society which could lead to social transformation. So is true with the oval inset bearing the acronym.  The “GR” is preferred rather than “G” in representing its acronym. The philosophy behind is that letter “R” served as a pillar that supports in pronouncing the whole acronym SSGRCD instead of SSGCD. In the same manner to the roots which is an instrument for sustaining the life of a plant. “R” is an allegory of roots.